Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHY MikyezLyrics? Where it all began...

Let's talk about how this all came about.

I am a musician. (Yeah, I know. Go ahead, heave a sigh and get it over with.)

Over the years, I have heard some... interesting... misinterpretations of popular lyrics. On top of that, I have heard some bizarre rationale explaining these misinterpretations.

Oh sure, I have had my moments - numerous and abundant - when I discovered what the lyrics really were to a song, and said to myself, "Geez, and all that time I thought it was... 'X'... Boy, was I ever wrong." Sometimes I have been dead certain what I thought the lyrics were, sometimes I simply wasn't paying much attention.
In the early years, I definitely wasn't paying attention. When I was small, my world view was pretty sheltered. Into adolescence, I was more interested in the music than the words.

However, I have always had a deeply ingrained hankering for the truth.

Furthermore, as I have shifted over into doing more and more singing, I have come up against more and more lyrics 'resources' that are, to say the least, grossly inaccurate. Sometimes, I have to wonder if the person doing the transcription actually listened to the song they were transcribing, or if it had been interpreted into another language and then back into English.
Most of the time, I use my ears.
I was disillusioned enough with crappy guitar transcriptions many years ago, and decided that the only source I could believe was my own ears.

The same is true - even moreso - for lyrics. I usually trust my ears. Even when I am unsure, I find that most lyrics resources are - at best - less than dependable.

My fellow musicians have brought in some interesting transcriptions, and I feel compelled to remind them that just because it has been posted on the internet does not give it any credibility whatsoever. Seriously, some of the transcriptions? Forget about it.
We've all heard the classic misinterpretation of Hendrix' Purple Haze:

"Squeeze me, while I kiss this guy."

Well, that seems to be at least as accurate as some of these lyrics websites.

And don't give me that "They were smokin' a lot of drugs back then..." that's the last refuge for not having thought it through. I have seen lyrics by notoriously inebriated wordsmiths that have made more sense than what some of these sites come up with.

There is no accountability for accuracy on the internet, you can post anything.

Hence this blog.

I figured hey... if you can post anything, why can't I post the lyrics I'd like to see?
1. Accurate transcriptions of lyrics.
2. Misinterpretations I'd like to see.
3. Questions about lyrics, and help finding answers...
4. Spoonerisms, puns and wordplay.

Sure, I write lyrics, but I'm not that good.
But that doesn't mean that I don't like to play with words. I LOVE to play with words, and the more I hear a song, the more my mind wants to manipulate the words into something amusing. A friend described having "multiple sarcasms."

So there you have it... my own take on lyrics, and why this whole thing came about.

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